Women In Mining NWO strives to provide a supportive network that promotes the advancement of women in their mineral and mining careers. We support exploration and mining development in the region. As women we want to live and work in a safe environment that is free of harassment and are enthusiastic about working with industry and communities to raise awareness of challenges faced by women and advocate for diversity.  

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Our Objectives

1. Increase representation of women at all levels of the industry and inspire young women to consider a career in the minerals and mining sector.


2. Encourage continued education, personal and professional development for women in the mining industry and offer opportunities to enhance their leadership and communication skills.

3. Provide a supportive network for women who live and work in the mining industry in Northwestern Ontario while promoting a safe and comfortable work environment where women feel valued and respected.

4. Have a positive impact on our local communities.


2021-2022 Board Members

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Tracy Kitchkeesick 
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Kandace Paterson
Vice Chair
Shanley Thompson
Mary MacDonald
Mary Louise Hill
WIM Canada Liaison
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Adele Faubert
Lindsay McClenaghan